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  • Your Local Republican's Official Endorsement for 2008

    RUDY 2008

    Feel free to discuss how a number of democrats will be voting the same way.  I'll be interjecting from time to time.... when I have more time......


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    Your Local Republican's Official Endorsement for 2008
    Authored by: Maxx Cancer on Saturday, May 12 2007 @ 05:35 PM CDT

    Ok, I’ll start this one off, seeing as now I have more time.  In the past Micah (our local Democrat celebrity) and I (our local Republican non-celebrity [non-political-celebrity, but local entertainment celebrity, Maxx Cancer of P.T. Lovekraft fame {similar in context to Carmen Martella III, local celebrity, impressionist, Skeletor karaoke king, and man of many faces, but I’m not quite as accomplished or recognized}]) have gone head to head in some heated debate over the best candidate for the job.  We’ve taken some jabs at each other all in good fun and have made some valid points in defense of our favorite candidates.


    Finally, the two of us will be agreeing on the best candidate for 2008 and I’ll tell you why.  In the past I recall a blurb about “Why Kevin Berry is Going to Vote for John Kerry.”  This year I present to you, “Why Micah Mahjoubian Will Vote for Rudy Giuliani.”


    I recall Micah stating that he was a fiscal conservative and a social democrat, much like myself, and that is part of the reason why I should have voted for John Kerry.  Unfortunately for Kerry, I also factored in account that he just wasn’t a good candidate, and he flipped…… flopped……. And then flipped……  Oh and don’t forget when he flopped after that.  Much speculation has surrounded Rudy’s campaign in a similar fashion.  The democrats want to discredit Rudy for not taking a “firm enough stand on issues like abortion and gay marriage.”  What the democrats don’t realize is that they are simply discrediting a candidate similar to the one they fully endorsed in 2004.  But who ever said it wasn’t ok to flip…..  flop.  It’s a sign of our times.  And I’m sure in 2008, we’ll see even more Democrats “flipping” for Rudy.


    The problem with the statement above is that it is just flat out weak.  Rudy’s perspective on abortion is just right – he’s come flat out and stated that he morally stands against abortion, however he recognizes the rights of women to decide on their own.  One point for Rudy for taking a pro-rights stance on a Republican ticket.  My kind of guy.


    Point number II – Rudy has stated his opinion on gay rights, which, for the most part, is identical to John Kerry’s perspective that he clearly stated in the debates of ‘04; John Kerry and Rudy Guiliani both agree that they believe in the sanctity of marriage and that they did not believe that marriage be consummated between any other combination besides man and woman.  John Kerry went on to state that he would allow each state’s legislation the right to decide whether they would allow civil union within the boundaries of said state.  Vague at best as to whether he actually supported the right, or simply wiped his hands of it.  We’ll never know what was really going through Kerry’s head, and who really cares anyway?  Rudy on the other hand, has clearly stated that “he supports domestic partnerships that provide stability for committed partners in important legal and personal matters, while preserving the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.”  Two points Rudy.  Pro gay rights and pro abortion.  What ticket is this guy running on anyway?


    To answer that, he’s clearly running on the Republican ticket.  Like most young republicans, just like myself, we have a similar perspective.  This goes to show how the Republican party continues to adapt in the world today and also explains why the party is the longest lasting, strongest party in American history.  As a conservative, I personally don’t feel that social issues should be mixed with politics, but if they need to be, then let’s deal with them accordingly.  This fundamental may very well explain why I’ve never voted Democrat in my entire life.  Not never, not no how.


    Well back to the point.  So far we’ve learned that Micah will be voting for Rudy because both Micah and Rudy agree on pro-abortion and pro-gay rights issues.  Let’s take a look at why Micah will continue to unfalteringly support Rudy on the economic issues.


    Rudy’s track record in New York speaks for itself.  Any man who can take a turd and polish it like he did in NY deserves a vote of confidence in my book; with strict fiscal policies as well as strict policies against crime, THAT ACTUALLY WORKED.  His experience in reducing deficits, controlling crime, and limiting government spending made Micah blush and say, “Wow!  I backed the wrong mayor.”  I was there.  I saw it.


    In addition, after talking to Micah even more, Micah recognizes the need for safety of the American people.  I’m sure he realizes that our balking and lack of support for our current president has led countries like Iran to take a firm stand against the American way who, right before our eyes, continue to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.  In order to preserve our own safety, Micah and Rudy both realize the need for a strong candidate who won’t drop the ball when it comes to standing strong against potential terrorist threats.


    At first Micah disagreed, but after lengthy conversation, he presented me with a very valid list of past Democrat presidents that DID show strong support in securing the safety of the American people.  The conversation went like this.




    In Micah’s defense he did mutter a few letters under his breath, “FDR, JFK,” but that just didn’t make ANY sense in the context of the conversation. 


    So there you have it; Micah’s support for our next president.  After our lengthy conversation, I could hear Micah chanting in the background, “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!”  Feel free to ask him any questions about Rudy on this forum, since the two share such similar perspectives.  He is quite the political debater and I’m sure he can come up with tons of valid points in his favor, that will come in handy when discussing politics amongst your friends.  Feel free to pass the word.  And when (not if) Rudy wins, you can tell all your friends I told you so.


    P.S.> If you have any friends that are seriously contemplating voting for Hillary Clinton, don’t waste your time discussing politics with them.  They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.  They’re probably emotionally unstable, so just run the other way.

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